Vettel: 'Webber didn't deserve Malaysia win'

Thursday 11th April 2013, 11:38 by TF1T Staff 

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel says he would "probably" disobey team orders again should he find himself in the same position, adding that Mark Webber didn't deserve the victory in Malaysia.

The German didn't do himself any favours on Wednesday when he said he wouldn't apologise for winning, because that's what he's paid to do. However his latest comments will do even more damage to his image after confessing he would do the same again.

"I am not sure I can give you a proper answer because in the moment it might be different, but I would probably do the same [again]," he said in China on Thursday.

"Had I understood the message [to stay in second] and had I thought about it, reflected on it, thought what the team wanted to do, to leave Mark in first place and me finishing second... I think I would have thought about it and I would probably have done the same thing.

"He [Webber] didn't deserve it [the win]," Vettel added.

"There is quite a conflict, because on the one hand I am the kind of guy who respects team decisions and the other hand, probably Mark is not the one who deserved it at the time."

The team-mates have endured a difficult relationship in the past, and Vettel hinted that their history played a role in his actions.

"I never had support from his side," he explained. "I have a lot of support from the team, and the team has supported both of us the same way.

"But in terms of the relationship to Mark, I respect him a lot as a racing driver, but I think there was more than one occasion in the past where he could have helped the team and he didn't."



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