Red Bull records fastest ever stop in Malaysia

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images
3 April 2013 by TF1T Staff | M

Red Bull have broken the record for the fastest pit-stop, which had previously been held by McLaren after the team's 2.31 second stop in China last year.

The Milton Keynes outfit confirmed on Wednesday that after analysing its data from the Malaysian Grand Prix, Mark Webber was stationary for just 2.05 seconds during his second stop on lap 19.

"These times are all taken from the car data which each team uses to record the stationary times," said Red Bull. "TV do their own rough-and-ready calculations, and sometimes we take timings off video as well, though for real precision the common practice in the pit lane is to use the car's own datalog.

"There's always a quicker stop out there, and it's possible this season we'll see the magical two-second barrier breached at some point," it added.

In fact, all four of Webber's stops during the race were marginally quicker than the previous record, supporting the team's claims that we'll likely see a stop under two seconds before the end of the year.



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