Domenicali says pecking order still not clear

Tuesday 02nd April 2013, 17:38 by TF1T Staff 

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Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali admitted he is still unsure as to where exactly his team stands in the pecking order after two inconclusive races.

Both Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa have qualified in the top five on both occasions, but unpredictable races and a DNF for Alonso in Malaysia hasn't given a clear picture of their race pace.

Domenicali is however confident they are in the leading pack.

"I don't know exactly where, but for sure [we're] within the leaders," he said. "There are tracks where our car will perform better; there are certain tracks where some others will perform better than ours. For sure Red Bull in my view is still the strongest at the moment, but we'll see.

"Mercedes has done a step, Lotus is very competitive. It will be an interesting and challenging season but we will be there no doubt."

He also commented on the current tyre situation which is making it hard to predict the racing outcome, leading to some teams complaining to Pirelli.

"For sure it's not easy; you can see what is happening in the other teams. It is something that from the general point of view is part of the competition. It's part of the fact that every driver believes he is the strongest, and it's good to be like that. And it's part of the maturity of the drivers that are working with Ferrari to understand that."



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