Perez has done a solid job so far - McLaren

Monday 01st April 2013, 17:28 by TF1T Staff 


Whilst Sergio Perez might just have two points against his name thanks to an 8th place finish in Malaysia, McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh has already begun to sing the young Mexican's praises.

Perez made bold claims that he would be fighting for the title from the off, but McLaren have so far failed to deliver a car capable of fighting at the top.

Whitmarsh though says the 23-year-old is handling the situation well, and so far, "hasn't put a foot wrong."

"He has done a solid job," Whitmarsh said. "It is easy to get rattled coming to a team like McLaren when you don't have a quick enough car.

"He is an intelligent guy. He is incredibly young but again in my mind he has not put a foot wrong."

Whitmarsh praised both his drivers for their current attitude towards McLaren's difficulties.

"I am very, very blessed at the moment with the drivers we have got and their attitude and approach, and they are powering through."



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