Hamilton: 'No one-two status at Mercedes'

Tuesday 26th March 2013, 07:58 by TF1T Staff 

Mercedes AMG F1 Team

Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes don't employ a number one and two status within their team, unlike rivals Red Bull.

The Briton hit back at claims he is the "clear number one" at Mercedes following the Malaysian Grand Prix controversy which led to Helmut Marko commenting on the hierarchy at the German outfit.

"It's not like at Mercedes where it's a clear number one and number two," said the Austrian. "Basically we treat the drivers equally."

Hamilton, who came third in Malaysia after team-mate Nico Rosberg was told not to overtake, insists he demanded equal status, 'unlike some other drivers'.

"They have a clear one and two, they always have," he said of Red Bull. "And that is why they have always had the problems they have had.

"We don't have a one and two here. I have always said, from the moment I was speaking to the team, that I wanted equality.

"I am not a driver that comes and requests that like a lot of other drivers do. You have to be able to look yourself in the mirror [and say] you won fair and square."

Hamilton apologised to team-mate Rosberg immediately after the race, saying he should have been standing on the podium instead.



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