No cockpit warning lights due to software issuein Malaysia

Saturday 23rd March 2013, 10:03 by TF1T Staff 

The FIA has had to disable their telemtry link between race control and the cars because of an issue with the software.

The same problem hit the season opener in Australia last weekend, and despite efforts to resolve the glitch, the FIA has once again taken the step to disable the link.

It means the drivers won't be shown warning lights in their cockpits to alert them to blue, yellow, or red flags. They will have to rely on trackside boards and radio communication with their engineer.

Other systems which are affected include DRS. A statement from the governing body confirmed that drivers will have to avoid using the system should it be disabled for any reason, as the automatic switch which deactivates the wing, won't be operable.

Should the Safety Car make an appearance, drivers will have to manually switch to 'SC mode' to ensure they remain within the specified time deltas.

The body switched telemetry link suppliers for the 2013 season which is believed to be the cause of the problems.


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