McLaren deny Webber's ECU at fault for start

Monday 18th March 2013, 11:52 by TF1T Staff 

Red Bull, Getty Images

McLaren have hit back at comments from Red Bull's Christian Horner after he claimed their Electronic Control Unit (ECU) - which is manufactured by McLaren Electronic Systems Ltd (MESL) and is standard across all 22 cars - was to blame for Mark Webber's poor start.

Horner was quoted as saying: "You need to ask McLaren why the ECU didn't work because he [Webber] was blind and had no telemetry."

Managing director of MESL told Autosport that they believed the ECU was functioning as normal and the issue was within the Red Bull garage.

"There was an issue with Mark Webber's data system in the garage during the formation lap. The ECU on the car was fine," he said.

"We regret any disruption caused to Mark's preparations for the start of the race and will continue to work with the team to prevent any recurrence."



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