Zytek hints at 2014 F1 engine programme

Saturday 16th March 2013, 19:44 by TF1T Staff 

Zytek Motorsport

British engineering company Zytek could become the latest Formula 1 engine supplier after it confirmed that it is concentrating on developing a hybrid system to meet the new 2014 regulations.

At present, only Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault have committed to producing a new 1.6 litre V6 turbo-charged unit, whilst Honda is believed to have begun its own project to power McLaren in 2015.

Zytek revealed the information on Twitter, but stopped short of actual confirmation that it would produce an F1 engine.

"Development focus is now on Hybrid Systems for 2014 Regulations (F1 & WEC) but can't say too much about that at this stage," they said in conversation with Racecar Engineering.

The company worked with Mercedes in 2009 to develop its successful KERS unit, and has the expertise to build an entire power unit itself. They did however warn that such a project would require significant funding.

"Maybe we will do a whole power unit ourselves. Certainly we have all the elements needed for it in our skills/experience plus the reg[ulation] reset gives newcomers a chance.

"It is certainly a big job and needs serious money to turn the basic engineering concept into a competitve package."

Zytek is a leading hybrid-engine manufacturer and currently supplies engines to Auto GP, LMP1, LMP2, and the World Series by Renault.

It was the first manufacturer to score an LMP podium with a hybrid car run by Corsa Motorsport in 2009.


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